Double Flap in super durable and soft double bull leather.

SL (shoulder free) Panel, This is an optional extra from new which is particularly great for horses with bigger or asymmetric shoulders.

Set at wide (35) fitting but can be adjusted.

This saddle, created in collaboration with Adelinde Cornelissen, bears the signature of the Dutch champion, winner of the World Cup and of the Olympic Medal.  Tested by the champion who gave it her name and by many other important professional riders, this saddle has demonstrated that it considerably improves both the horse’s gait and the rider’s seat. The front rolls with Velcro allow riders to choose the knee support that best suits their needs.

This saddle is supplied with two sets of rolls, a smaller one and a larger one, so that the saddle can be customised to suit the riding style.

It is 3.5yrs old and immaculate apart from some expected wear on girth straps.

This Model new is now £3530.00

Fitting available on request.