Your tack is like your skin,  it is a skin after all and it’s important that we remember that when expecting it to last and stay in good condition!! 

Primarily though you should be cleaning your tack regularly for SAFETY checks!  It is extremely important that you regularly, whilst cleaning your tack, check the safety of stitching, holes, webbs, stirrup bars.  If you are in any doubt about safety aspects of your saddle we urge you to contact us and send photographs so we can see the seriousness and whether urgent action is required.

Most manufacturers recommend certain conditioning products for their leather goods.  We love Erreplus’s ‘Leather Balsam’ and ‘Leather Cleaner’ and also ‘Rapide Leather Gel’.  This depends not only on your brand of saddle but also the frequency of which you clean it. 

Rapide Leather Gel

Rapide Leather Gel is fantastic for regular use (if you clean every time or every other)

Erreplus’s ‘Leather Balsam’

Erreplus’s ‘Leather Balsam’ is slightly richer and can be used very sparingly.

Erreplus’s ‘Leather Cleaner’

Erreplus’s ‘Leather Cleaner’ is the only cleaner that contains an acidity regulator, which sustains the resilience and the elasticity of the leather. We highly recommend this, especially during the summer, when horse and rider are sweating a lot.  This allows the pH level of the leather to be restored.  This product is really great, it brings your saddle back to life!

So how often is often?  This all depends on how often you ride of course, for how long and obviously the weather!  If you get a soaking, then your tack will need to be left to dry naturally (not by a heater) and then wiped and conditioned once properly dry. 

If you use your tack daily then ideally we would recommend cleaning and conditioning at least every other day.  If you ride less often then probably once a week should suffice.