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Welcome to RS Saddles

Ruth Spencer has been saddle fitting now for 6 years. She is a 'Society of Master Saddlers - Qualified saddler fitter'. Offering her clients throughout Leicestershire and surrounding counties saddle fitting and saddlery services.

Ruth has many ranges of new saddles and some used ones too. These include dressage saddles , jumping saddles and general purpose saddles.

Ruth's primary objective is to equip you and your horse with the best possible saddle for your requirements. Your saddle is paramount in achieving the highest levels of comfort, well being and performance for both you and your horse. Therefore Ruth is passionate about helping her clients achieve this.

She has chosen ranges based upon, their design for horses and riders, price, adjustability and durability.

An in depth fitting service comes with each saddle and Ruth prides herself with her ongoing after sales care for her clients and their horses to ensure satisfaction is guaranteed.

Please feel free to call Ruth for a no obligation chat about her ranges of Dressage, Jumping, and GP saddles or just for a friendly piece of saddle fitting advice.


Q1: How often should I have my saddle checked?
A: Ideally due to seasonal weight changes, changes in workload/fitness, horses/ponies should have their saddle checked twice a year. In addition to this if your horse has been off work due to an injury/illness it is also a good idea to get it checked. Or if you have an important competition coming up it is important that you give the horse the best possible chance at being successful.

Q2: My Saddle is too tight at the front, does this mean that it is too narrow?
A: If the saddle is too narrow for the horse then this obviously creates pressure down through the points of the tree however when too narrow more pressure is normally found under the back of the panel/saddle as the weight is tipped backwards. You normally find when a saddle is too wide the pressure is increased at the front as the riders weight is tipped forwards and the saddle can feel very tight down the horses shoulders.

Q3: My saddle regularly slips to one side, why is this and what can I do about it?
A: This could be due to many reasons, some of which could be:
*An asymmetric horse maybe with an unlevel pelvis or unlevel muscular development resulting in the saddle slipping to the weaker side. This may need investigating further by a vet, physio etc.
*An asymetric or unbalanced rider who weights more to one side than the other.
*An unsymmetrical saddle, which may only be visible by the trained eye.
It is important that your saddle fitter takes all of these into consideration before making any adjustments to the straightness of the saddle. They may make recommendations to see another professional first.

There are many options we as saddle fitter have to correct the straightness of a saddle, some of these are:
*Having additional girth straps added in the form of point, back, floating 'V webb' straps.
*using asymmetric flocking, however it is very important then that this saddle is only used on horse it was fitted to.
*Some girths that are now on the market are especially good for stability.
* Grip pads can also help

It is however fundamentally important that the tree shape suits your horses back profile otherwise stability is likely to be a problem.