We work closely with some of the best brands in the Saddle industry to deliver the best options for you, your horse and your budget.


Stylish and Supportive Dressage Saddles

We aim to help riders achieve a effective but unrestricted position.

We offer a wide range of dressage saddles from  Erreplus, Fairfax, Loxley by Bliss of London, Black Country Saddles, Kent & Masters, Cavaletti Collection.

With this range we are able to accommodate most Horses, Riders and Budgets.


Close Contact and Semi Close Contact Performance Jumping Saddles

As with all of our saddles we have selected our range of jumping saddles to allow freedom for the horse but also maintain the balance and close contact feel for the rider. 

Along with this, adjustability within the tree’s, panels, and girthing is essential in order for us to offer the ability to refit the saddle as the horse changes shape.

General purpose SADDLES

Comfortable and versatile General Purpose Saddles

An all-round saddle that allows you and your equine to confidently take part in all disciplines.

A more budget friendly option for those pleasure riding or competing at the lower levels.

Why Buy New?

There’s no denying that your saddle is possibly one of the most, if not the most expensive piece of equipment you will buy for your horse.
Therefore a very important decision at any level whether you are looking at pleasure riding or competing.
We wholeheartedly believe that the comfort and wellbeing of our equines is our responsibility if we expect them to perform in whatever discipline we choose to do with them.


  • Optimum Fit

  • Manufacturer Warranty

  • Ensure Saddle Symmetry

  • Confidence in safety with new web straps etc and brand new flocking

  • More Fitting Options

  • Enhanced Support Form Your Fitter

Beautiful, Made To Measure Saddles created specifically for your horse and you